Our professional staff is chosen carefully. They combine a genuine concern for the residents along with their professional credentials. This genuine concern is an attitude shared by all of our staff members. These people are highly trained, and long term nursing care is their specialty. Individualized rehabilitative nursing techniques help residents become as self-sufficient as possible, as soon as possible, to allow them to return to their former lifestyle.

Dana H. Andrews, MD., M.H.S.A. has been our medical director for several years. If you need physician services, he will be glad to have a personal conference with you to discuss your needs. Most physicians in Richland County have residents at Winchester Terrace, so the transition to live with us will be as smooth as possible.

At our facility, the emotional and social requirements of our residents are accommodated. We provide the highest standards of nursing care, as well as physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapy. The staff is constantly informed of the latest in nursing techniques and ideas through regular seminars and in-service training.

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