Quality Nursing Care and Independent Living

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At The Living Center, quality nursing care should be available for all seniors. However, we know that the level of care needed varies for everyone, and quality healthcare is not one-size-fits-all. It is because of this belief that our assisted living apartments were founded. We wanted to create a space for seniors to lead independent, happy, and healthy lives while receiving care when they need it, personalized for them.

So, how do we achieve this balance of independence and health monitoring? You can contact our staff by phone 24/7, so someone is always available in an emergency, such as a heart attack, stroke, or other unfortunate events. However, seniors receive their own apartments, and nursing staff will not be in the apartment at all times; this is the crucial difference between a nursing home and assisted living. However, should health complications increase, the good news is that our seniors have priority admission to any of the Levering Management facilities should they need skilled rehabilitation services, whether short-term or long-term.

In addition to priority admission for recovery programs, our seniors are provided routine home health services and checkups from TLC Home Care. They can pursue physical, occupational, and speech therapy services from our outside resources. Those living in our apartments can also utilize our fitness and strength training equipment.

We hope this article answered some questions about the difference between nursing homes and independent living facilities. We have a complete list of our other amenities on our website. You will also find information about our physicians, management team, and daily programs. Thanks for reading, and we hope you check back next month for more updates!

If you want more information about independent senior living in our apartments at The Living Center or to schedule a tour of our beautiful facility, we encourage you to call us at 740-397-3897 or contact us online.

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