Eating Healthy in Retirement

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When you live alone, it’s easy to choose unhealthy foods for the sake of convenience. Once in a while, that’s alright, but the body needs the proper nutrients to be fueled daily and perform simple activities. When you enter retirement, cooking and housekeeping might seem like even more of a chore, which can further encourage unhealthy eating habits. You might get tempted if you spend a lot of time at home and keep the cupboards stocked with snacks and sugar!

At The Living Center, our residents experience the best of both worlds. For one, each one of our senior apartments is equipped with a kitchenette and two-burner stovetop for personal use and cooking, so residents can always choose to make something quick or explore new recipes. However, one of the biggest attractions of our apartments is our dining room, which features restaurant-style service! For breakfast, a buffet is provided and often includes healthy meal options like fruit and oatmeal.

If you want to get more information about independent senior living in our apartments at The Living Center and how we can help you lead a more balanced life, we encourage you to call us at 740-397-3897 or request admission information on our homepage.

Group Of Senior Couples Enjoying Meal Together
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