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elementary schoolgirls pledging allegiance to the united states flag

Flag Day

In June, we celebrate Flag Day and what goes along with the American flag? The Pledge of Allegiance, of course. Did you know the pledge we know wasn’t written until our country and the flag was over 100 years old? In 1888, the Youth’s Companion, a popular children’s magazine, started a campaign to sell US […]
kitchen herb garden by the window

Indoor Herb gardening tips

Growing an herb garden inside will allow you to have fresh herbs all year long, not just in the summertime! Here are some tips on growing herbs indoors. One important thing to remember is: do not overwhelm yourself! If you have little experience growing plants, pick your favorite 2 or 3 herbs to grow. You […]
digital illustration of mental gears

Taking Care of Mental Health During this Time of Staying-at-Home

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton, the Director of the Ohio Department of Health, made the order back in March for everyone not employed in essential work to stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been nearly a month since that order has gone into effect, and the positive results […]
digital rendering of a viruse molecule

COVID-19 and Things You Should Know

Early information from China, where COVID-19 first started, shows that some people are at higher risk of getting very sick from this illness. This includes: If a COVID-19 outbreak happens in your community, it could last for a long time. (An outbreak is when many people suddenly get sick.) Depending on how severe the outbreak […]
man who has fallen down grabbing his lower leg in pain

Lower Your Fall Risk

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), deaths due to falls have been on the rise for the elderly. Research has identified many conditions that contribute to falling. These are called risk factors. Many risk factors can be changed or modified to help prevent falls. They include: A combination of risk factors […]
3d rendering of a coronavirus

What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

Lots of news is swirling about coronavirus, but so is a lot of misinformation. A coronavirus is a common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. Most coronaviruses aren’t dangerous. But in early 2020, after a December 2019 outbreak in China, the World Health Organization (WHO) identified a new type, […]

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