What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

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Lots of news is swirling about coronavirus, but so is a lot of misinformation. A coronavirus is a common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. Most coronaviruses aren’t dangerous.

But in early 2020, after a December 2019 outbreak in China, the World Health Organization (WHO) identified a new type, the 2019 novel coronavirus, which can be fatal. The organization named the disease it causes COVID-19. The outbreak quickly moved from China around the world. It spreads the same way other coronaviruses do: through person-to-person contact. Here is some information about COVID-19.

Symptoms can show up anywhere from 2 to 14 days after exposure. Early on, they’re a lot like the common cold. You might notice:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

Infections range from mild to severe. The virus can turn deadly if it leads to pneumonia, respiratory failure, or septic shock. Those most at risk of death are the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

There is no vaccination for this novel coronavirus, but that does not mean there are no steps that can be taken to prevent it. First, as always, wash your hands often! Use warm water and soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Stay away from those affected. And finally, keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes. These simple, common sense tips will help keep you healthier from any sickness that might be making the rounds.

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