January Activities at The Living Center

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We’ve had a great January here at The Living Center! This month has allowed all of us to wind down from our exhilarating Christmas activities in December, But winding down doesn’t mean we’re having less fun! We’ve had an incredible lineup of events these past few weeks! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Almost every Monday and Thursday this month, except for our cornhole gathering on the 17th and our resident birthday party on the 20th, we’ve been able to journal and have some quick chats during our Memory Jog time. One of the prompts for discussion included: “How would your childhood friends describe you?” This activity also serves as a great memory strengthener and stress reliever, so we must do it often! Residents enjoy reflecting on good times and sharing these memories with other residents.

We’ve also enjoyed an exciting game of Uno this month with those in our little community at The Living Center. Uno is a blast, but another activity that improves memory and encourages strategic thinking. It’s always good to sharpen those cognitive skills while having a blast, too! We consider this when we draft up our activities for the month.

In addition to weekly memory jog discussions, we also provide weekly hair appointments for those who stay in our facilities. This kind of self-care is an essential part of staying healthy! Getting a nice wash and cut relieves stress and promotes total relaxation for the rest of the week.

At The Living Center, we contribute to a beautiful social environment for our seniors. We always try to have some fun at our senior apartments. You can find our activities calendar on our website. It gets updated monthly, so check back in February for more information, and follow us on facebook for timely announcements. That’s all for now; thanks for reading!

group of senior citizen women around a table playing Uno - a regular activity here at The Living Center!

senior living community

open house

sunday, june 25 • 1 PM - 4 PM

apple valley singers perform at 2 PM

public invited

refreshments will be served

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