How to Start a Book Club

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Reading is a great activity to keep the mind sharp. Gathering together to talk about the books you’ve read is a way to fight off isolation. So here are some tips to get a book club started.

Figure out who you are inviting.

Knowing what people you have in your book club will determine many other things, like when and where people can meet and what books you read.

Define the purpose of your book club.

Do you want to learn something new? Do you want to bond with coworkers? You may want to catch up with friends, meet new people, or even mix these.

Decide where to meet.

Think about who your guests are and where they might be most comfortable. If your group is there to meet new people, consider a public common area like a park, recreation center, or library.

Figure out when your book club will take place.

The easiest way to coordinate schedules is by setting dates well in advance. Plan your entire year of book club meetings so everyone can be on the same page (literally and figuratively!).

You want all of your guests to feel welcome and to be comfortable sharing. Remember that you’re there to talk about something very personal: reading. Be considerate of the reading preferences of others, and give everyone a chance to put their book choice in the ring.

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