Assisted Living Facilities vs. Nursing Homes

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Choosing the Best Option

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are two options to consider on the senior living and housing spectrum.

Assisted Living

  • Most seniors in assisted living facilities do not require constant care. These facilities are not required to provide nursing staff. However, some will have a resident nurse or health clinic available.
  • Assisted living allows for more privacy and independence. Residents will generally have their own apartments in an assisted living community.
  • Assisted living facilities are private pay, meaning Medicare or Medicaid cannot fund them. Nursing Home
  • Nursing homes provide constant medical care to residents. They are required to have a licensed skilled nursing staff.
  • Nursing homes often require residents to share rooms, and the atmosphere is less home-like and more similar to a hospital.
  • If residents meet Medicare or Medicaid requirements, they may cover the cost of the nursing home. However, private pay is still accepted.

Seniors still independent but may need assistance in day-to-day tasks will most likely benefit more from an assisted living facility. Nursing homes are better suited to individuals who require more care or rehabilitation.

If you want more information about independent senior living in our apartments at The Living Center or to schedule a tour of our beautiful facility, we encourage you to call us at 740-397-3897 or contact us online.

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