4 Ways to Be an Advocate for Your Senior Loved Ones

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Your parents and grandparents raised you to be the person you are today! Understandably, as they age, you may want to help them in their day-to-day life but need to know where to start out of respect or lack of knowledge. The Living Center has some tips to help you become a better advocate for them.

Honor Their Independence

It’s empowering to be independent! It can be frustrating to feel like your independence and privacy are slipping away. If your loved ones need help with something, give them the right resources and teach them new technologies, but try not to micromanage unless they ask you to become more involved.

Watch for Signs of Deteriorating Health

If you’re noticing your loved ones deal with the loss of vision or hearing, behavioral changes, memory slips, or mobility concerns, encourage them to talk with their healthcare provider. Being proactive could save them from health issues down the road.

Make Sure They Have Resources

Offer to take them to doctor appointments if they don’t have a ride. Make sure they are optimizing their Social Security benefits. Connect them with groups online or in-person with a common interest or issue. Ensure they have a list of emergency contacts and phone numbers readily available. The little things matter!

Tell Them About The Living Center

If living at home and keeping up with stairs or housework is becoming tiresome for them, let them know about the great benefits of senior apartment living at The Living Center! They’ll enjoy privacy, amenities, great dining, planned activities, and beautiful friendships here—Call 740-397-3897 to get in touch with us.

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