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At The Living Center, we take pride in transcending the typical expectations of senior care, curating an integrated experience that fosters personal growth and nurtures deep social connections among residents. Our innovative approach to senior living is reflected in our tailor-made senior center programs and activities that play a pivotal role in enriching the lives of our community members on a daily basis.

We recognize the importance of variety and personal choice in daily activities for seniors. With that understanding, our dedicated Program Director thoughtfully tailors an assortment of activity programs to pique the interests and meet the unique preferences of our residents. From immersive cultural experiences and social engagements to physical activities and hobbies that support cognitive health, our selections are designed to cater to the complete spectrum of well-being.

Live Life To The Fullest With Our Activity Programs 

At The Living Center, we wholeheartedly commit to enriching the lives of our seniors through a carefully selected array of programs and activities. Our offerings, ranging from time-honored games to modern favorites, are designed to spark joy and foster meaningful connections within our vibrant community.

We stand firm in our belief that every resident deserves respect and dignity—principles that are the very heart of our community. It’s our mission to ensure these values shine through in all we do, cultivating an atmosphere where everyone feels cherished and valued.

Our activities, from wellness and fitness classes designed for aging bodies and minds to creative arts that inspire, are tailored to encourage active, engaged living. We also emphasize the importance of social interactions and friendship, through gatherings and outings that inspire a lively, connected community spirit.

Explore Our Senior Lifestyle & Activity Programs

Beauty & Barber Shop

Within our community, we offer a salon that provides a broad range of beauty and barber services. Our professionals are dedicated to making our senior residents look and feel their best, ensuring that self-care remains a delightful experience, not a challenging task.

Religious Services

At The Living Center, we appreciate the diversity of faiths and denominations. Regular religious services are held within our facility, and additional programs are provided by local churches. We believe spiritual wellness plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of our residents and are committed to supporting it. Should any of our residents need specific help or desire counseling, our dedicated Social Services Department is available to provide assistance. 

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